Before and After Photos

Before & After photos showing the transformation that Harlow Landscape has created – from dirt lot to amazing living space – of a new home in Carlsbad, California.

From dirt to oasis with the addition of pool and outdoor living space.
A-1 (34) A-2 (2752)
Poolhouse, patio and hardscape provide a fun and elegant living space.
B-1 (23) B-2 (2785)
Outdoor kitchen and relaxing areas for friends add entertainment to your outdoors.
C-1 (21) C-2-(2812)
Harlow Landscape will make your home welcoming.
D-1 (1A) D-2-(2903)
E-1 (12a) E-2-(2908)
F-1 (5a) F-2-(2920)
G-1 (10a) G-2-(2946)